Mitra France

  1. Foster intercultural understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity through non-formal educational approaches. MITRA’s mission is to create awareness among people about their role in the society and instill skills for them to act in a positive and constructive way. The organisation aims to develop innovative educational approaches addressing diversity for inclusive education.
  2. Popularise art skills by providing regular trainings for people in different age. MITRA’s objective is to help people to build an understanding of the role of art and creativity in society as well as essential skills of self-expression. The organisation aspires to enhance Information and Communication Technologies uptake in teaching and learning and use ICT to promote handicrafts and art.
  3. Promote visual arts and increase level of digital competence among people with fewer opportunities: unemployed, youth, people in age 50+, women, ethnic and national minorities, migrants, refugees, low educated and people without professions and also general public. MITRA’s objective is to enhance artistic creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship and increased employability in the European labour market and beyond.
  4. Promote equity, social cohesion through volunteering and enable people in different ages to participate fully in the European projects.
  5. Support adult education and vocational training by providing lifelong learning projects and organise tailored learning opportunities for people with fewer opportunities with the aim to motivate them to learn, create new businesses and make them active and socially included.